Bold text in HTML

<b>This text is bold</b>
In a web browser this displays simply as:  This text is bold

Create a hyperlink in HTML

To create a hyperlink that the user can click to navigate to another document, you use the <a>  tag (which stands for anchor), like this:
 <a href=′′>Visit Google</a>
In a web browser this displays simply as: Visit Google

Web Code Chinese Chess game using ajax (jsp)

Webgame Chinese Chess using ajax (jsp)

Android 3.0 Animations, free ebook

Chapter 1: Animation Techniques on Android 
An animated applicaton: counting calculator 
Time for action – learning to count with the countng calculator 

Advanced Androd Games, ebook download

Welcome to Advanced Android 4 Games. This book will help you create great games for the
Android platform. There are plenty of books out there that tackle this subject, but only this book
gives you a unique perspective by showing you howeasy it is to bring native PC games to the
platform with minimum effort. This is done using real-world examples and source code in each
chapter. Keep in mind that before you dig intothis book, you will need a solid foundation in Java
and ANSI C. I have tried to clearly and simply explain the most complicated concepts with a
combination of graphics and sample code. The source code provided for each chapter will help
you understand the concepts in detail and make the most of your time as a mobile game

What Hardware/Software Will You Need for Android Games

A Windows or Linux PC with a Java SDK Properly Installed 
I guess this is kind of obvious, as most development for Android is done in Java. Note that I
mentioned a Java SDK, not JRE. The SDK is required because of the JNI header files and
command line tools used throughout the latter chapters.

How to create the flame effect with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript

Instructions on how to create the flame effect with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript