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Welcome to Advanced Android 4 Games. This book will help you create great games for the
Android platform. There are plenty of books out there that tackle this subject, but only this book
gives you a unique perspective by showing you howeasy it is to bring native PC games to the
platform with minimum effort. This is done using real-world examples and source code in each
chapter. Keep in mind that before you dig intothis book, you will need a solid foundation in Java
and ANSI C. I have tried to clearly and simply explain the most complicated concepts with a
combination of graphics and sample code. The source code provided for each chapter will help
you understand the concepts in detail and make the most of your time as a mobile game

The Green Robot Has Taken Off
It is hard to believe that is has been justtwo years since Android came onto the smartphone
scene; and it has taken off with a vengeance. Take a look at the US smartphone platform market
share, shown in Figure 1, according to a survey by Nielsen.
In May 2011, Android commanded 36
percent of the smartphone market in the UnitedStates—not too shabby for a two-year-old OS.
And the stats just keep getting better and better. Distimo, an analytics company specializing in
app stores, forecasted that Android Market would surpass Apple’s App Store in size by August
This opens a new frontier for developers looking to capitalize from the rocketing
smartphone segment. Advanced Android 4 Gamesis just what you need to get running quickly in
building cutting-edge games for the platform.
Who’s the Target Audience?
This book targets seasoned game developers, not only in Java, but also in C. Performance is
critical in game development.Other audiences include:
•  Business apps developers. If you work on native applications, this book can
be a valuable tool.
•  Scientific developers. In the science world, raw performance matters. The
chapters dealing with JNI and OpenGLcan help you achieve your goals.
•  Computer science studentslearning new mobile platforms. Android is open
and fairly portable, thus this book canhelp students in many platforms,
including iPhone, Blackberry, and Meego.
•  Anybody interested in Android development. Android has taken over the
mobile market space at a furious pace.You’ve got to expand your skill set
to include games and graphics, or you may be left behind.
Skills Needed to Make the Most of This Book
The required skill set for Pro Android games includes C/C++ and Java, plus some basic LINUX
shell scripting. Java provides elegant object-oriented capabilities, but only C gives you the power
boost that game development requires. All in all, you must have the skill set described in the
following sections.

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